Envie ECR-11 Speedster AA & AAA Cell Charger


  • Type: Battery Charger
  • Power Source: AC Adapter
  • Color: White


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  • The Envie Speedster charger, as the name suggests, helps to rapidly charge your cells to life. It can comfortably charge 2100mAh batteries in just 1.2 hours. The super quick desktop LCD charger comes with indian plugs and is compatible with a voltage of 100 – 240 volts. With the auto cut charger feature the charging stops just as soon as the battery is fully loaded and is built with an unique attribute to detect bad cells. This charger is designed for 1, 2, 3 and 4xAA/AAA Ni-CD and Ni-MH batteries. Output current 1800mAx1, 900mAx2, 450mAx3, 450mAx4 for AA900mAx1, 450mAx2, 225mAx3, 225mAx4 for AAA. Improper operation may cause electric shock, prevent from reverse polarity, This charger should be placed beyond children’s reach. It cannot be disassembled or assembled by unprofessional. Use it between temperatures 0 degree celsius to 40 degree celsius. Indoor use only, do not use it under sunshine or rain.
  • In The Box:

  • 1 Cell Charger & 1 Power Cable
  • Specifications:

  • Brand – Envie
  • Model – ECR-11 Speedster
  • Type – Battery Charger
  • Color – White
  • In The Box: 1 x ECR-11 Battery Charger
  • More Details:

  • Generic Name – Cell Charger



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